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At Belle lounge it is our mission to provide healthy, fast and delicious Ethiopian or Eritrean Middle Eastern food in a clean, friendly and convenient dining environment. We are extraordinary people delivering genuine hospitality driven by our culture and the love of London.

With its colorful and vibrant appearance, Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisines are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a delicious treat for the palate and nourishing for the body. Served on a platter covered in warm flatbread and piled high with rich stewed meats, various sauteed vegetables and legumes flavored with aromatic and healthy Ethiopian/Eritrean spices.  Belle lounge provides vegetarian, vegan and meat options that are sourced locally, while our spices and seasonings are imported directly from Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

A lounge Like Never Before

From falafel and Lam cuzi to our signature Grilled Sibas, we provide a selection of dishes that is sure to satisfy those who are either trying Middle Eastern cuisine for the first time or are already familiar with the dishes of the region. We really do go the extra mile to ensure that your dining experience at Belle lounge is one to remember!

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